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Hair care: Tips you should follow every single day

We feel that today’s topic will be kind of useful not only for you, our hairy buddies, but also for your ladies. Believe it or not, but every single day we face a diversity of factors that at some point may adversely impact our organism. Well, hair is also a part of our body. We may not notice that but our hair goes through day-to-day challenges like rain or sunlight, frosty air or hot hair dryer, and so forth. This is how our hair condition gets impaired. In this case, the hair cuticle gets exposed to stress from the outside. Guys, FYI, the hair cuticle is up to 90% of keratin protein cells which cannot be restored naturally.

This is not good at all. Believe us, we’ve been there. If the hair cuticle is damaged, the hair starts losing lipids and moisture. You may think, okay, what a problem, whatever. But, voila, say hello to hair brittleness, dryness and increased electrification. Plus, if the cuticle gets weak, it negatively impacts the middle layer of the hair rod or the cortex. For instance, if you have ever suffered from split tips, it means that the cortex has been heavily impaired. Do you enjoy split ends? We bet you do NOT.

That’s why it is extremely important to take good care of your hair. It is important to choose suitable care cosmetics that perfectly fit your hair type. And, please, don’t ignore the everyday care routine to maintain the perfect condition.

Guys, just use our tips below, get proper care, and enjoy your look. Speaking of proper care, we can offer you tested and certified cosmetics to support hair growth. You will definitely enjoy using them because they not only moisturize your skin, but have a nice smell and are easy to use. Check them out!

Let’s now talk about some basic procedures for your hair.


Well, no secret that step-by-step hair care starts with cleansing. It sounds surprising but washing hair is essential to maintain their shine and gloss. Trust us, some people still ignore hygiene. It is simple but still is quite important. Wrong shampoo or too hot water may lead to serious hair problems. Just few advice for our hairy buddies:

Keep water at around 34-36 degrees. Too high temperature may trigger active sebum developing and greasiness. It is better to have a contrast shower since it increases the blood flow towards hair follicles.
Wash hair as often as necessary.
While using shampoo, massage your scalp and distribute foam for the entire length.

Hair conditioning

Conditioner is often the second step to hair washing. To our regret, many people, and not only men, don’t fully appreciate its importance. But if you think that 2 in 1 care cosmetics will work out, you are mistaken, guys. It works perfectly only for healthy hair with no special needs.

You may ask, and this is fair: What’s good about conditioners? Why should I care?
Well, it smoothes the cuticle scales, prevents split ends and makes hair more flexible, softer and fuller. You want us to add more, huh? Again, we bet you do NOT.

BUT: Select the right product! Make your decision based on your hair and skin type.

Follow an easy lifehack: spread it evenly from chin level and all the way down before washing your hair. This way you will get all the benefits of the product.

Nutrition and moisture to hair

Well, today’s care includes not only washing and conditioning. Proper care is also about applying masks. Hair masks contain useful ingredients that allow for more profound nutrition and moisture. Forget all classic stereotypes, if you really want to join the hairy club. Masks are good for BOTH men and women. Keep it in mind, guys.

Like shampoo and conditioner, masks are wash-off hair care products. They have very good protective and moisturizing properties to prolong the effect of basic products and keep the hair in good condition during the whole day. Today you can find them in a variety of forms. Sprays, serums, creams, ampoules and so forth. We advise using professional cosmetics with well-designed formulas that work in a complex way.

How else is it possible to support hair nutrition? We say VITAMINS! Right, sometimes you can’t get all the vitamins in the most natural way, so we have to think about other working methods. Biotin and vitamin E are kind of needed for our organism. You can get them from your food, or it’s better to get a vitamin complex. Again, check out the vitamins in our store!


Many of you may ask what else is needed for hair care? In some cases it may be enough to use just a shampoo, if you have a short haircut.

But there are situations when you need to think about protection against other “hair enemies”. Well, all women know them perfectly. Hot styling and UV.

It is hard to avoid using a hair dryer or styler. We are sorry but these devices can easily damage hair structure. Speaking of UV, you should admit that it is kind of hard to turn off the sun. The mission is impossible, right, guys? Plus, we need the sunlight to get enough vitamin D in the most natural way. And these enemies are with us almost every single day.

So, you need to apply additional care tools to protect your hair. For instance, you may use thermo leave-in treatment to decrease the negative impact of curling irons and hair dryers. When you are outside, please (and this really matters), apply hair care cosmetics with some UV filters.

It’s hairy man, hallelujah!
It’s hairy man, amen!

We hope you get our sense of humor, guys. It is not that hard to keep hair in a good condition. Love yourself, love your body, love your hair. It’s more about your attitude. And the last, do the steps mentioned below and your hair will thank you:

Comb your hair in the morning and before going to bed. Just do it smoothly and carefully. Start with the tips and step by step move to the hair roots.
Avoid tight hairstyles. Otherwise, you will soon lose your hair. Use some nutrient oil to prevent brittleness and cross-section of the tips.
Do not go to bed with wet hair. It will damage the outer cuticular layer.

Do not forget that you can always contact us, and we will be happy to provide efficient care for your hair.

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