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Hair type

Nowadays it takes some effort to maintain hair in a good condition. In addition, social media puts a lot of pressure on society. You have probably noticed the perfect hair of models in a variety of hair related ads on TV, haven’t you? We always wonder what hair care cosmetics shall be applied in order to achieve such a terrific result. Well, it is better first to discover the cause for the hair condition worsening rather than irrationally purchase another useless shampoo. Why is it useless? The very first reason for it is as follows: everyone shall buy proper care cosmetics depending on the hair type. 

In order to correctly identify the hair type, it is important to know and keep an eye on their structure. How does it change with time? How does it change within a few days after washing? The next thing all should remember is that any internal processes in your body also have a great impact on hair structure. We talk about any changes in nutrition, age issues, increased or decreased physical activity, or work related stresses, per say. 

Take a quick test and read the description of each hair type’s features. You can easily check every characteristic and find out what type of hair you have.

Characteristic Normal hairDry hairGreasy hairMixed hair
Washing 2-3 times a weekOnce a weekEvery day 2-3 times a week
Natural glowGlowing Dull hair, almost no glowSome glow after washing, but the effect goes down the next dayOnly root hair have some natural glow
Hair thickness and volumeMedium thickness Keeps hair volume for 2-3 days after washingHigh thicknessAlmost no hair volumeHigh thickness and volume right after washing, then hair strands stick togetherRoot hair are thick enough
Root hair Become greasy in 3 days after washingDry hairBecome greasy in 7-8 days after washing Become greasy the next day after washingBecome greasy in 3 days after washing, but hair ends are dry
Hair ends Healthy hairLittle split endsDry and tough hairSome split endsNo split endsBrittle hairSome split ends
Moisture retentionHair dry long and evenly after washingHair dry very quickly Hair dry mildly after washingRoot hair dry long, whereas hair ends go vice versa
Heated stylingAlmost no damageHair is more brittle and dryHard to styleRoot hair is more greasyHard to styleHair ends are more brittle and dry
Electrifying Sometimes On a regular basisRarely Only hair ends are electrified

As one can easily guess, there is nothing to worry about if you are lucky to have a normal type of hair. The hair is strong, glowing, elastic and easy to style. It is enough to wash them twice a week and maintain the routine lifestyle. 

There are several reasons why hair may become dry. First, it may occur due to genetics. Second, lack of vitamins and nutrients may lead to poor hair condition. If your hair looks brittle and dull, there are difficulties to properly style them, this is a signal to change your lifestyle. Reconsider your diet, take better care of your health and avoid stress. 

Well, greasy hair is more about dysfunction of sebaceous glands and excessive production of sebum. It looks untreated and gets dirty very quickly. Hormonal problems may be the cause of dysfunction in the sebaceous glands. Genetics, stress and poor nutrition may lead to over-secretion of sebum. In this case, you have to rethink your diet by not eating junk food and simple carbohydrates.

Last but not the least type of hair is mixed or combined. Here sebum spreads over the skin and hair unevenly, which leads to greasy root hairs and dry hair ends. This mainly occurs due to frequent chemical procedures, styling hair with a hairdryer or a straightener, etc. No additional thermal protection when hairstyling will only further complicate the condition of your hair.  

In all cases, no matter what hair type you are, always think about your health. It includes not only a decent diet, but also properly selected hair care cosmetics.      


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