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Magic treatment for beard growth

Are you ready for some magic, guys?
Today we will reveal some secrets on how beauty products for beard growth actually work. And we will go beyond this.
Pros and cons of using care cosmetics, as well as what criteria you should follow when selecting products. So watch out, buddies!

Basically, you can easily divide products for hair growth into two categories.
The first includes heavy stuff like sprays, serums in ampoules, ointments and creams. Why do we call it heavy? They have copexyl which was initially derived from minoxidil. We have discussed it lately, remember, huh?
So, copexyl has become a breakthrough treatment for both women and men due to its innovative formula. When applied externally, weakened follicles started growing actively. Daily use brought even more pleasing results. The fluff started to darken, and the growing hairs became stronger. Well, the discovery gave real hope to men suffering from hair loss. And we clearly understand why. Like it is a miracle to see good hair growth in two or three months. Sometimes even failure at the initial point may lead to success in something else. Nowadays we are lucky to have tested and certified effective cosmetics to support hair or beard growth using this magic formula.

Another category includes oils, products containing nicotine, glycol, salicylic acids, menthol and natural extracts. What’s good about them? They can strengthen beard hairs and improve blood circulation in the skin around the hair follicles. To be honest, if you suffer from androgenic alopecia or, let’s say, fungus injury, you will not really see the effect. But if you do not see any suspicious symptoms, it makes sense to include these smelly products to your daily care. The result will not be stunning, but you will enjoy it for sure.

We guess you cannot wait for the pros and cons of using beard treatment more. And here they are!

All these products have active components to enhance your blood, cleanse your skin from dead skin cells and dilate your blood vessels. Man, this is really important for our health.
All of them have convenient dispensers. And if you need, you can easily apply them directly to the chin.
In a couple of months, the beard is denser and well groomed, and the hairs are pretty much strong.

Unfortunately, these magic tools have disadvantages. To be fair, even simple tablets for headaches have some side effects. You must admit this, guys.

No cosmetics will help if you have internal problems like seborrhea or lack of vitamins. Don’t mess with it, boy. See a doctor ASAP.
If more than five years have passed since the mass hair loss, there is almost no chance to recover follicles even after taking several courses of copexyl. You don’t just snap your finger and wait for a result. It doesn’t work this way, buddy.
Low-quality products can worsen the condition of hair and facial skin. So, please, check the manufacturers. Don’t chase price, chase quality. Trust only certified products.

There are several criteria that you should look at in order to choose the right care for your beard. Based on these tips, you will be able to select those cosmetics that will lead to effective results and will not affect your budget painfully.

Format. Creams, oils, lotion or serum. Assuming that you will use them every day, you should better get them as a liquid. It is invisible and does not soil your beard.
Concentration. This is important when it comes to the care tools containing copexyl. The more intense the alopecia, the higher concentration should be.
Components. They should moisturize the skin, strengthen the hairs, dissolve the keratin corks and have a slight local irritating effect on the skin. Among them are xylitol, urea, AHA and BHA acids, amino acids, clitorium and rosemary extract, essential and base oils.

Take good care of your hair! Again, chase for quality. As for our product line, we are always for quality. Who knows, maybe specifically our care products will solve your hair problem. So, feel free to contact us, and we will definitely catch up with you for more details.

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