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Simple tips to support hair growth

Silk pillowcase, no stress, proper diet – guys, do you have any idea what we are talking about? Like how do these words even connect with each other?

And the answer is HAIR. To be precise, it’s more about how people worldwide every single day try different methods to support hair growth. Luckily, buddy, you have such a cool hairy consultant as us to find out simple tips towards your perfect hair and beard. Ladies, don’t get afraid, these life hacks will not cause any beard to appear. You want your hair to be shiny and healthy, then follow the tips carefully and, who knows, maybe you will get promoted to the hair-related ad very soon. 

Let’s start with some pleasant advice. Get a scalp massage. They are good because they can increase hair thickness and allow dilating blood vessels beneath the skin. Man, besides all the healthy features, you will definitely relax your mind. You can do it yourself, ask a friend, or more pleasantly go to the massage place. You know, they have this special aura there, when you just get inside and already feel all relaxed and peaceful, right?

Don’t overwash your hair, please. What if I suffer from dandruff? – some may ask. Well, buddy, it’s better to get anti-dandruff shampoo to deal with this problem. Some ordinary shampoos will not really help you with itching or skin irritation. Also, take a look at shampoos that contain copexyl to fight hair loss, and instead allow strengthening your hair.


We keep saying this to all our hairy buddies. It’s really important, guys. For instance, zinc and vitamin B12 allow your hair to recover and grow. Well, yeah, you can get them naturally in your diet. But if you fail to have enough of them, it means BIG trouble for your hair. So, you should think about getting supplements. Like, take them once every day, and, voila, your hair will get much stronger. More vitamins – less hair loss!

Some may think it’s kind of radical and unnatural, but today hair transplantation isn’t something unusual, guys. Admit this, you may see the ad for this procedure on TV or on the Internet. Basically, hair transplant can help you regrow your hair. Once you recover from the procedure, the implanted follicles will start to grow hair and fill in the area. Another way to maintain and stimulate hair growth, right? 

We’ve shared some of the common tips to support hair growth and stay healthy. You have probably tried some of them before, buddy. But, you know, using specific hair care cosmetics and vitamins will definitely make your life easier. By the way, we are not here only to share interesting and fun articles about hair and beard. You are more than welcome to try out our product line. Check it out!

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