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Every doctor will prove that vitamins are essential in human life. Unfortunately, most people ignore this recommendation. Our clients (yeah, furry buddy, you are probably one of them) are not an exception. People tend to eat unhealthy food, and don’t keep an eye on their diet and lifestyle. We keep saying that you have to provide proper nutrition for your organism.

Therefore, Head and Beard has decided to develop and introduce our own vitamin complex Vitamins 16 in 1. These vitamins are designed to support hair and beard growth. Okay, some of you may wonder how it is possible to consume 16 different tablets. That’s a lot. Relax, buddy. You will get 16 necessary organic nutrients in just ONE tablet! Incredible, right?

What are these 16 vitamins? For instance, zinc and biotin. Zinc stimulates hair tissue growth and recovery, as well as keeps oil glands around hair follicles functioning correctly. Biotin like other B vitamins (constituting our vitamin complex) help to carry nutrients and oxygen to the scalp. This in turn stimulates hair growth. 

It is pretty straightforward that vitamins are useful for us. Well, if you really want your hair to grow healthy and long, as well as prevent hair loss, you should treat your organism and hair not only from the outside. By outside we mean other hair care products like shampoos, sprays, gels or creams. We should also keep our hair healthy from the inside. Consuming vitamins will definitely help out the immune system as a whole. 

The package consists of 60 tablets. We recommend taking 1 vitamin per day. So you won’t worry about purchasing any vitamins stimulating hair growth for the next two months. It is very convenient, trust us. Or, if you wish, you can make your close one happier and share the vitamins with him or her. Just remember: Vitamins are never too much! Take care and enjoy our 16 in 1 Vitamins.


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