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What to avoid when selecting shampoo for hair growth?

Let’s do a little QA session. We will ask you a few questions, and your task is to give honest answers. Ready, set, go!

Do you find it difficult to do hair care shopping?

Have you ever felt confused when choosing proper shampoo?

Have you ever suffered because the shampoo you chose causes irritation, itching and occurrence of dandruff?

Is it hard to get a shampoo that satisfies all your requirements like its structure, texture, aroma, price, etc.?

If you answer YES, or the NOs do not prevail YES, then this article is right on time.

From now on, we will try to review the harmful and useful components (microelements or chemicals, as you wish) that your shampoo shouldn’t or should contain respectively. 

Today we would like to talk about few components you should avoid. 

Sodium Chloride

Simply speaking, sodium chloride is a salt. It maintains thicker consistency in shampoos and conditioners. Unfortunately, salt can make  a sensitive enough scalp dry and itchy, which in turn can lead to hair loss.


As you may guess, just looking at the -cone ending, this element is one of the silicone types. Basically, dimethicone is plastic that stimulates product buildup making your hair look shiny. However, it is too early to feel all happy. This silicone kind just gives the illusion of shiny and silky hair. In fact, it weighs the hair down. Hair and scalp don’t consume enough moisture and nutrients, whereas your skin gets irritated. Above all, dimethicone may be the reason for hair loss.

Retinyl Palmitate

Some hair care products contain retinyl palmitate, which is a retinoid. It is a well-known essential vitamin for the skin. Ironically, when in contact with skin, it converts into retinol. In such a condition, it is instead a threat for your skin, buddy. It may cause irritation, redness, peeling, scaling, and itching. Besides this, possible side effects include cancer, reproduction related issues, and organ toxicity.

Synthetic Fragrances

Please, avoid purchasing products that have “fragrance” on their label. This fragrance label means lots of hidden chemicals. Like mentioned above components, synthetic fragrances cause a variety of hair problems starting with skin and scalp irritations up to hair loss. Moreover, they may adversely impact reproductive systems, as well as lead to asthma and cancer. 

We know how hard it is sometimes to find a good and chemically safe shampoo. Let’s be honest, having such a dynamic life and crazy timeline, we don’t make hair care is one of our priorities. 

Since we do care about our clients, Head & Beard experts have developed a proper shampoo. We don’t involve aggresive chemicals that may somehow cause hair loss. Instead, our products are designed to stimulate hair and beard growth and prevent possible hair loss.

Make a right decision, buy proper and safe hair care tools. And stay with us because we will keep introducing you with more harmful and useful components. 

Again, learn more about our products, and feel free to try them out!

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