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A selection of the most popular products to support hair and beard growth


100 ml for 2.5 - 3 months of use

Spray to support and stimulate hair and beard growth



For 1 -3 months of use

The kit has all necessary products for hair and beard boost

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Who we are ?

We are like the power behind the throne: we solve problems that are not talked about publicly, but that bother a lot of people. Just in the field of hair and beard growth care. We have created a set of products that will help you forget about hair loss, slow hair growth and dandruff and at the same time support the body’s immunity. Not bad, is it?


Head & Beard

For beard and hair

Our products are complete solutions for hair and beard growth and care.

VITAMINS 16 in 1

60 tabs for 2 months of use

Complex of vitamins to stimulate hair and beard growth


100 ml for 2.5 - 3 months of use

Spray to support and stimulate hair and beard growth

For us it is a matter of course:

It’s nice to sell products, but we mainly want to bring you to a result. In addition, you will find excellently functioning products with us, as well as a fine-tuned feedback system and a specialist who is always willing to help.
So that you have no doubt about the quality, we let our products go through dermatological, microbiological, and stress tests. In addition, we have had them approved by the National Institute of Public Health of the Czech Republic. Oh, and we don't test them on animals.
We know how to achieve the hair and beard you dream of. We will help you with this, either using our products or we will handle everything necessary at one of the transplant clinics with which we cooperate. We are in contact with you on a monthly basis, we monitor your current situation and based on this we change or supplement the system of using our products.
Hair and beard growth products contain kopexil - an active ingredient that wakes up hair follicles and protects growing hair from falling out. We have been fine-tuning the product recipe together with experts for a year, so you have something to look forward to.
Here you will find products that activate hair and beard growth, as well as necessary accessories that will help speed up and improve the result - shampoo, dermaroller, vitamins, and cream.
We don't want to be an ordinary e-shop, but we are creating a community of lovers of beautiful, healthy hair and well-groomed beards.
It doesn't matter if you're looking out the window at Prague Castle or the Statue of Liberty - we'll send you products anywhere.

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