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What is good about this product?

First of all, please note that our shampoo is dermatologically tested and approved by the Czech Ministry of Health. And this is quite important, guys, believe us. Not every product has such a serious advantage.

Well, first of all, our product is dermatologically tested.

Besides all the conducted studies, the Starter is approved by the State Institute of Health of the Czech Republic.

By the way, vegan fans, our cosmetic products are not tested on animals. So, no worries here, buddies.

What chemical components are hiding in our product?

As one may guess, one of the secret ingredients is Copexyl. If you don’t know all the magic properties of this component yet, then it is a perfect time to reveal. Copexyl is a key asset to prevent hair loss and stimulate its growth. Plus, shampoo contains sodium laureth sulfate as the cleansing agent and cocamidopropyl betaine as the thickener, as well as citric acid to balance pH. We don’t want to mess your head with all chemicals right now, just check them out in the Ingredients section, and you yourself will see the effectiveness of this hair care product.

Shampoo activates dormant follicles and positively affects existing hairs. Using our shampoo to support hair and beard growth, you don’t have to worry that it will dry them out. Sounds great, right?

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It does not cause any addiction and suits both men and women.
Our furry friends and loyal clients, Shampoo to stimulate hair growth, Shampoo with anti-dandruff effect and Starter is a perfect combo! This trio will ease your daily care routine and enhance overall hair condition.

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Stručný návod, jak používat šampon

How to apply?

  • Apply the shampoo, make a foam and leave it for a few minutes. Now you have time to wash the rest of your body or sing a favorite song. Don’t go shy here, we all know that we feel like Beyonce when taking a shower.
  • Use the shampoo two or three times a week.

We also recommend using shampoo with an anti-dandruff effect. Always keep in mind, healthy skin is the key to healthy hair. That’s why skin and scalp care is also kind of crucial. Speaking of health, don’t ignore taking vitamins. Our choice is vitamins 16 in 1 produced by Head & Beard.

Any questions?

For the full call and guidelines, please see the How it works section. You have several options: you can try out the Shampoo or get a SET. Either way is good, buddy.

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