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pH restoring tonics that balance the pH of your skin.

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Man, if you think that it is enough to wash your skin using just water, it is completely wrong. Believe us, tap water adversely impacts your skin. In this case, pH of the skin will recover in 15-30 minutes up to 6 hours. Using soap will only increase skin regeneration time.

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But there is no need to worry or panic yet. Head & Beard is happy to introduce pH renewal toners that will balance your skin pH. Our product contains such humectants as panthenol and glycerine that reduce the risk of dryness and dehydration and instead allow your skin to produce moisture. Applying pH renewal toner will minimize the risks of losing natural water over time. Plus, if you don’t know, hair is made from keratin protein. If your hair loses protein, you may notice thinning hair. So, consider using care products that have panthenol.

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Our pH renewal toner will enhance your hair and beard. Don’t wait till the last second and order now!

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