The gel reduces puffiness around the eyes and gives a fresh look.

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This care cosmetics is HIGHLY RELEVANT to everyone today. And we mean it. No matter who you are – a school kid or a student writing papers until midnight, or, let’s say, you are in IT and this is your job. Perhaps, you are a gamer or just like to hang out in the club. And, probably, you remember your swollen eye when you wake up? Admit this: you don’t look well the very next morning. iGEL is what you need.

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The gel is made on an herbal basis. The main component is Euphrasia Officinalis, as well as many other moisturizing ingredients and swelling reducing elements. These components will definitely help you avoid such minor issues as allergies, redness, or dry eyes, for example.

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Just apply the gel around the eyes and let it soak in. For the maximum effect, we recommend keeping it in the refrigerator. The gel reduces swelling around the eyes and gives a fresh look.

So no worries from now on! Using iGEL you will never ever look a bit shambolic after hard nights, guys. Drop us a message and we will be happy to order iGEL for you!

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