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Well, first of all, our product is dermatologically tested.

Besides all the conducted studies, the Starter is approved by the State Institute of Health of the Czech Republic.

By the way, vegan fans, our cosmetic products are not tested on animals. So, no worries here, buddies.

What's inside?

Most importantly, Starter contains many vitamins that positively impact hair growth. Among them is Copexyl which is famous for its properties to prevent hair and beard loss, and instead to stimulate their growth. Sounds great, right, guys?

Or, let’s say biotin. Well, some people are aware how biotin, also known as vitamin B7, can increase the rate of follicle growth. So, it is quite important to have enough of this vitamin for our hair. Unfortunately, it is not stored for too long in the body; therefore, you have to constantly maintain biotin at sufficient levels.

Another essential protein that your hair needs is hydrolyzed keratin. This protein helps to fill the minor gaps throughout the hair shaft. Just imagine a cement pouring into a crack. This is what hydrolyzed keratin does to your hair.

Luckily, the Starter Spray has all of these components and more vitamins. That’s why there is no need to worry about the contents. You can find more information on its components in the section Ingredients.

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Are there any side effects?

Well, some of you may note (and this is fair): products that have Minoxidil or Copexyl can dry out the skin. It is not our case. And we mean it.

Head & Beard company has developed an innovative formula to moisturize the skin. Plus, spray is very convenient to apply.
From now on, you can use our spray as a perfume! It has a pleasant smell of sandalwood. Try it, enjoy the smell. If you use it properly, a 100 ml bottle is enough for 2 months. Saves great money, huh?

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Can I use Starter if I have alopecia?

Remember, our Starter allows our clients to support and boost hair and beard growth.

You can use it if you have alopecia or no hair follicles. In this case, our product will help to enhance and preserve the existing hair. But keep in mind that if there is no longer a hair follicle, then it will not appear out of nowhere.

Do you know what else is really great about Starter? Well, ladies, we have good news not only for our beardos. This product is available for both men and women. Yay, now you have more (speaking of care cosmetics here) to share!

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Our brief recommendations, if you don’t mind, guys:

  • Apply once a day if you want to prevent hair loss, or 2 times a day (keep an interval of at least 8 – 10 hours) to activate dormant hair follicles and support hair growth.
  • Please, keep the following in mind because this is really crucial. After applying the Starter, let it absorb for 40 minutes (and this is minimum!), don’t go outside or go to bed. Otherwise, the wind may dry it out, or you will find some of the product on your pillow. Not a pleasure, right? Just chill out, buddy. Read a book, drink some coffee or play PS5. Don’t worry, there is no need to rinse off the Starter.
  • If you want to support your hair growth to the absolute max, consider using Dermaroller, vitamins and shampoos. You will note the difference, guys.
  • And remember, the growing process needs No rush. We mean, you don’t have to start shaving right away. Assuming that you will see the first results in around 2-3 months, it is better to stop shaving in the middle of the 2nd month. Wait for a month or so, see what form you want, use Starter 2 times a day to fill the gaps, and you are good to go. 

Lastly, we recommend using it for 8-12 months to get the maximum effect. Well, apply the product once a day during the last month. Don’t let your body stress. Keep yourself patient and remember that the Starter will help to support your hair and beard growth. And soon you will enjoy the result.

This can happen, and in most cases, it means that your hair follicles have given up (you don’t have them anymore). The only option and guaranteed method to have a bundle of hair again is a hair transplant. We won’t be taking someone else’s hair follicles, but yours, and from donor areas (either the back of your head or the lateral areas of your head). These are then implanted into the areas that are starting to go bald. This method is now an advanced one, so you will see results very quickly.

According to the doctors, after the transplant, it is necessary to help the transplanted hair follicles and use additional products such as Head & Beard Starter.

If you are interested, Head & Beard works with one of the best-known transplant clinics in Istanbul, Turkey, so you can combine this with your holiday. We can negotiate the best conditions for you, and we’ll be in touch the whole time, both on the road and after the transplant. One month after hair transplant you can apply the Starter spray again.

Are you interested in this opportunity?
Email us your contact details and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

More information is given in the How it works section. Or drop us a message, don’t be shy, guys. We are happy to help you. Forget about hair loss, get the Starter Spray and your hair will thank you!

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